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    Has anyone out there setup their site so that you are using the subdomain feature that costs $10 annually at wordpress? Could you provide feedback on your experience?

    I have setup my subdomain for the blog from a domain I already own by configuring the CNAME settings with my domain name provider. Now, for wordpress, I’m trying to decide whether or not to pay the $10 annual fee to have wordpress point back to my blog so that when people click on a link on my domain, it will send them to the blog which has the URL of instead of

    Any feedback would be appreciated.



    I have a domain name. It’s pretty cool, considering the fact that WordPress has domains. It was worth the $10 dollars in my vote, but it’s just my say. It’s cool, if you type in your old domain and you have a new domain, it will redirect you to your new domain. you can do anything, like .com, .net, etc. it’s a little complicated, but i think that it was worth it. you have to have paypal to pay, that’s what WordPress does. Hope this helps.



    I’m using the subdomain setup. At this time, I don’t have my main website linked to my blog but that was the reason I did it that way. And yes, the $10 was worth it.



    I have the domain name upgrade, but if I had a standard website I would absolutely use the subdomain option. It’s a great way to add the advantages of blogging to your existing website and promote it without in any obvious way sending people away to a secondary site. If you have the expertise, I would recommend pairing it with the CSS upgrade to make your blog and your website look as much alike as possible. In my opinion there is not a better setup than a well-designed blog as a subdomain of a commercial website.

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