Submenu disappears when I try to click it

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    I set up a custom menu a while ago, and it’s been working fine. I fiddled with the colors, etc. using CSS – all good. Now I want to add a submenu. I managed to add the submenu, but I don’t know what to do with the CSS to make the submenu stay in place so it can be clicked on.

    Right now, when the main menu item is rolled-over, the submenu appears. However, as soon as you move your mouse down to select one of the items, the submenu disappears.

    Am I supposed to change something in the CSS? I’m a CSS newbie. Thanks!


    The blog I need help with is


    First off at wordpress.COM, it is not advisable to paste the entire stylesheet into the CSS editor unless you are going to change virtually everything, and if you do, then you have to select “start from scratch…” and then save the styesheet. If you have “add to existing…” selected, it can cause issues.

    If you pasted the entire stylesheet, then select “start from scratch…” and see if that clears up the issue. (Start from scratch can cause other issues with relative links in the stylesheet, but let’s see if that fixes the issue as a start).



    In addition to the above, some Themes (assuming you keep some elements of the Theme) may render a sub-menu improperly, ‘causing it to display out of place, or overlapped so to speak.

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