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    Created a custom menu.
    Last week I was able to create menu items and also sub menu items with no problems.
    Now I create a menu item by dragging it to the right so it appears indented and becomes a submenu item. Shows as indented, however, once I click the save menu button, the submenu reverts back to the left margin and is no longer indented on the display and as a result it now appears as its own menu instead of as a sub menu item.

    The blog I need help with is



    I know the Blaskan theme and have used it before. I see the issue on your blog and on my test blog too. This thread is tagged for Themes Staff attention.



    I was using internet explorer 9 when I experienced the problem.
    I cleared all browsing history and that did not correct the problem.
    However, I logged in using Chrome instead of IE and the problem does not exist when using Chrome.



    Howdy! I’m not able to reproduce this issue on your site, my test site, or the demo site at in IE9. I’m wondering if this was a temporary glitch.

    Are you still experiencing the problem? If so, could you take a screenshot so we can investigate further? Instructions for making a screenshot are located here:



    Yes. But only in IE9. Chrome works fine.
    capture1.jpg shows how the screen looks when I add the submenu item. capture2.jpg shows how it looks after I click the save menu.
    Notice that the submenu item is changed to a menu item.



    Ahh, I see what you mean, thank you for the screenshots!

    Unfortunately I’m still unable to reproduce this in IE 9/Windows 7 with Blaskan active on my test site.

    In doing some research, it seems this is a hard-to-pin-down bug with WordPress/IE9 (not specific to the theme) that comes and goes (which might explain why you and @timethief can reproduce it, but I can’t). The best advice I have is to:

    1) Clear your browser’s cache and cookies
    2) Disable any add-ons
    3) Ensure Compatibility Mode is Off
    4) Restart your browser and/or computer

    That seems to help some folks with this bug, at least temporarily. If all else fails, switch to Chrome or another browser to edit menus.

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