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  1. jamesjohansson

    Hey guys - I recently introduced a mailbag section to my blog, BLAG ( The first one went great, but I need more submissions. Feel free to check it out and see how I give advice/problem solve. It's mostly a satirical list of things that people actually do that are terrible in similar circumstances, but also some good advice for what good people should do. The first problem submitters were delighted with the results and I'd like to keep 'em coming. Submit to [email redacted]. Much appreciated! I'll repay you by solving your problem, or at least making you laugh about it!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. jamesjohansson

    Well, the formatting fucked that one up. Submit to:

    [email redacted]

  3. jamesjohansson

    Jesus Christ.

    [email redacted]

  4. jamesjohansson

    TheMailBLAG (at) gmail (dot) com

    (I guess I can't put email addresses in here.)

  5. Hahaha you can't, I subscribed for this post alone, I'm sure I can think of an embarrassing problem to submit.

  6. jamesjohansson

    Do it, my friend. I aim to please. I'd submit my own, but it's so much harder to solve my own problems.

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