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    I’m trying to submit to Google for indexing (the site doesn’t show up in a Google search (search terms “Tanya Meyers RMT Toronto”) even after several weeks of being live). However, Google webmaster tools requires me to verify the site by uploading an HTML verification file to, adding an HTML tag or using the Google analytics account — none of which work with

    I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    It can take 4-6 weeks sometimes for the search engines to index a new site although normally it happens in a week or two. Every time you publish a post, wordpress notifies all the major search engines and services, so if you have published anything, they are aware of it and it might just take a little time for them to get through the index requests ahead of yours.

    You can verify your site with Google, Bing and Yahoo following the procedures in this support page. This in no way means they will index your site any faster, but it is still a good idea to verify it.


    You can setup a Google Webmaster Tools meta tag through the Tools page in your blog dashboard. This help page shows how:


    Note that there’s no guarantee you will appear for a given keyword. Phrases used in titles are one thing that search engines like Google do look at heavily though. For example, in my testing, comes up 2nd in a search for “Tanya Meyers” in Google, probably because it’s the site title:

    Also see



    Thanks everyone for the advice, and designsimply for letting me know where I could find the relevant help page!

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