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    Hi, I know how to create subpages, however, they do not organize themselves acording to alphabetical order, or numerical order even if I have stated “1” on this subpage, “2” on that subpage before publishing.
    As the subpages I am making are indices and requires to be in alphabetical order, this problem is making me mad.
    Any help given will be appreicated, thank you (:



    Link to your wordpress.COM blog?


    uhm, i’ll keep it private for now, but when I try to order it in alphabetical order such as Page “A”, order 1, Page “B”, order 2, it comes out like



    If you’ve set your blog to private, we won’t be able to see it. But we need the link anyway, so that we can tell if you are in the right forum and if our answers will apply.



    I think page order is not assigned properly.

    Get more information on wp_list_pages() function at

    If you’re not using wp_list_pages() function, just show the code…then I’ll try to resolve it.



    WRONG again. Please stop putting incorrect information in the wordpress.COM forums. We do NOT have access to those files here.

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