Subpage needs different blogroll than main page

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    I want a subpage to show different links in the side bar than the main page blogroll. Is this possible?



    Depends. Can we get a link to your blog, starting with http?



    I have a tab at the top entitled Languages with a subcatagory of French. On the French page I want to have a ‘blogroll’ that links to French websites, but I do NOT want this list to show up on the main page.

    Also, I need a home link because I have no way to return to the main page when I am several subpages away except for the back arrow. How do I create this link?



    The blog title is a home link. I think that this is true of every blog (in fact, I don’t think that there’s a way to make it not so).
    I just checked this on your blog.


    There is no way to have different widgets or blogrolls on different pages. Your blogroll will however separate links by the link categories you assign to the links. As an example, you could make a link category called “French” and then assign that category to your french links.



    Thank you for the information concerning the Blog Title being a home link.

    Also, if I understand correctly, the side panel is generic to every page/subpage and widgets are placed only in the side panel. If I want links that are unique to a particular page, then I need to place them in the main body of the subpage and then make that page static.

    Is that correct?


    Yes (except the meaningless “make that page static” part).

    As for creating a “home” tab in the header, write a new page and put the link to your blog as its title, i.e. this model:
    <a href="URL_HERE">NAME_HERE</a>
    “NAME” must include a space (e.g not “Homepage” or “Home” but “Home Page” or “Home “).

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