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    My problem is that the Support pages state that the Page Attributes menu includes a place to designate “parent” and “child” pages. There’s even a nice picture of the menu, with two boxes, one for “parent”, or whatever the alternative is, and one for page order. This apparently is something that all WP themes are supposed to have, and in blogs I worked on last summer, it was there and easy to use. However, in all three themes that I tried in the last couple of days, there is ONLY ONE BOX. There is no box to choose “parent” or something else. The only choice is for the order of pages, all of which will be parent pages. Can anyone tell me why the picture of the Page Attributes menu in Support looks different from mine?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    Are you the admin of the blog in question? The Under the Influence heme does provide page templates in the Page Attributes module. I have it up on my test blog.


    I don’t get it. You can see it and I can’t! Yes, I am the admin — I created the site. I checked to be sure the theme is still Under the Inflluence, and it is. I have six or seven pages, and I want to nest three of them under the About Us page (we’re a nonprofit). None of them allow me to do it. I’m using Google Chrome, in Windows 7 Home Edition. I’m working on a home laptop, and I’m pretty sure I tried this on my work computer yesterday and had the same problem. Still, I’m about to reboot this computer and if I still have the problem try it on another laptop. I’ll let you know how things go.



    It’s easier to create a custom top menu. See here:


    I’m aware of custom menus, but have never used them and like some of the users you described, find them confusing. However, let me see if I understand how it would work. If I create a custom top menu with five tabs, does this mean there will be exactly five tabs across the top of the home page, and that every new page I create will either be the parent page or a subpage under one of those tabs? When a visitor clicks the tab, will a parent page be there, with its own set of tabs for the subpages? And will a menu automatically appear when I create a new page giving me the option of make the page a parent under one of the tabs, or a subpage under that tab?

    Finally, where is the “Theme Locations Module”?

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