Subpages don’t appear as a dropdown menu

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    I’m new to — yet have read through hundreds of instructions, FAQs and Forums; however, am not real sure I grasp what I need to know to get this blog online. One of the things I am very confused about is how subpages work. When creating and publishing a new page, you can make it a subpage of one of the parent pages. I have done this — created several subpages — for four of the six parent pages published. But across the bar at the top, where the parent pages are listed, when you put the cursor over the title of the page, no drop-down menu at of the subpages appears. I thought that perhaps I needed a widget for this capability and selected the “pages” widget. Well, that widget lists the pages to the side and although I can see each and click on each, the order of the pages is A-Z rather than in the order of the parent pages at the top of the blog — home, welcome, about us, etc. Is this correct — must I use the widget to display the subpages as such? If so, why are the pages listed in a different order than they appear on the blog — can this is be edited/ can the page order in the side bar be changed? These subpages to a parent page would seem to allow a blog to function not unlike a website and blog combination — is that a correct assumption [can this blog on have dropdown menus/ subpages per parent page]? My SAT scores were very high but I feel like an idiot doing this stuff. My page is

    on select “parent pages.” I have added several of these “subpages” to several parent pages — listed across the top of the blog”

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