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    I’m not sure whether this topic belongs here or in Support, so apologies if I’ve chosen the wrong one.

    I’m not very optimistic about this question, but I’ll ask it anyway: is there any way for a post—not a page—to be given subpages? On one of my blogs I would like to include links to additional material for individual posts, and the most logical place for it is in a subfolder of the one with the post in.

    I suspect the answer will be “No, WordPress can’t do that”, but if there is a way I’d be pleased to know of it. :)

    The blog I need help with is


    WordPress does not support sub-posts. If you are wanting an easy way to track all posts about a topic you could create a separate tag or category for the posts.


    Posts cannot have sub-pages or sub-posts. But I was trying to think about exactly what you are trying to do… what about using the more tag to split the post so they have to click a link to read more?

    You can also split a post into pages:


    Oh, Andrew answered too! He’s right, categories might be a good solution too. :)



    Splitting might be workable but isn’t ideal–I want to use the “subposts” a bit like footnotes or appendices, but kept separate from the actual post. Maybe splitting the page so it has an appendix section would partially do it, though.

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