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subpages not showing on parent page

  1. I've created a page with a subpage. I thought it would show up as a link at the top of the parent page (below where the main pages show) but it does not.
    I have the sub page set with order #1 and with the main page as the parent.
    The parent page is "21 day cleanse diet" and the subpage "cleanse diet week 1"
    I have the Vigilence theme. Is this a theme issue or do I have the settings wrong?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Vigilance does not display sub-pages in the Page tabs. You need to place a Pages widget in the sidebar to provide access to them. See >

  3. Thanks. I was afraid of that. I put the widget on, but there's no certainty anyone will see it. :-(

  4. I use the same theme and what I would do is put links to the sub-pages on the Parent page.

  5. If that's not what you want then understand the themes that have dropdown menus for sub-pages are few in number. There's only INove and these

  6. "I put the widget on, there's no certainty anyone will see it."

    Right, the way you buried it! Your left sidebar is practically empty: why don't you put the Pages widget in top position there? Not that this would cancel any of timethief's suggestions, just that the widget would better be there. Also note that you can avoid the redundancies with the header by excluding the other pages from showing in the widget.

  7. panaghiotisadam-I left the left sidebar empty on purpose. I used to have both filled with widgets and I thought it looked too cluttered. If I only use the right sidebar, then it pushes up against the post, rather than leaving space.
    I think it's time for me to move to a .org blog to get more flexibility with the themes.

  8. @formerchef
    Please read the Affiliate marketing blogs section in this entry very carefully.
    types of blogs allowed and not allowed at See also >

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