Subpages sidebar doesnt show up on subpages

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    there is a sidebar on the right side for subpages.

    However when I click into the subpages the sidebar disappers. for example see

    How do I make the sidebar appear here?

    Also how do I change the label of the sidebar from “subpages” to something else? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    Are their subpages off of “skills”? If not, then I’m pretty sure that is the reason. It only up in the sidebar if their are subpages off the page you are currently viewing.


    As far as changing the title, you cannot. The title is set in the underlying theme files and we do not have access to those.


    NO they are not, they all belong to the same parent. so what do I do? I just want the sidebar to show up for all the subpages even though they hagve the same parent.


    Is there a subpage off of skills?


    no sir. but i want the sidebar to still show up so users can see more children from the main parent


    Regulus does not work that way. The subpages module only shows the subpages off the page you are on. I just verified that on my test blog.


    dang. i’m screwed. thanks. last questions

    how do i delete the search boxes on all pages
    how do i make the width of the pages to be wider.

    i’m a novice. any help will be appreciated.


    See the other thread you started on that subject. I’ve responded there.



    If you are a novice, you shouldn’t attempt to make the pages wider; it’s only possible for those who know CSS well enough to do it on their own and who also have the paid CSS upgrade.

    I believe the Search is built into Regulus, so you may have to change themes.


    ok thank you. God bless you all. Wish me some luck I am trying to launch a website and am novice in programming/technical stuff.


    You’re very welcome, and we were all where you are now at one time. You will get the hang of it.


    To see all your subpages all the time, go to Appearance > Widgets and add the Pages widget.

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