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    I recently recieved a comment about how I should add a link on my blog for a “subscribe feed”. I have tried to figure out how to do this, but I don’t seem to be “getting it”.

    Can someone post a “FOR DUMMIES” style reply to this question? (first do this, then do this, and then do that)

    I can write….but all this other stuff is like Greek to me. I do want to make it easier for people to get to my site….just can seem to figure it out. I’m sorry if this is a really stupid request.

    If you can help thanks.



    This will introduce you to some basic wordpress resources for beginners. Just as schools have libraries we have resources here too. The FAQs and the forum search boxes are full of useful information.
    FAQs step-by-step illustrated instructions


    Thank you so much “timethief”, I really don’t want to “steal” any more of your “time”, but at the risk of seeming extremely “stupid”……….I still can’t figure out how to add this “subscribe feed” to my blog that will make it easier for others to get to my blog. (or so I am told)

    I did check out the FAQs before I posted here. I’m just not very “blog-savey”……any other suggestions???




    I see you changed your theme From Garland to Andres 09. Every blog is equipped with feeds. Place your meta widget in your sidebar please. => Dashboard => Presentation => Sidebar Widgets
    Drag and drop the Meta widget into place and click “Save Changes”.
    Once you do that you will see two orange icons in your sidebar. One says Entries (RSS) and the other says Comments (RSS).


    Thanks so much. I did what you said. Is there anything else I need to do?? Will this allow people to make it easier to get to my page??



    There’s nothing else you “need” to do. But I’d like you to click on the icons and see what will happen for your readers. When they click they will get this page and they will be able to subscribe. :)
    Do you want to learn a little more? Or is this enough?


    I think that’s good. Thank you so much for help.


    Sorry….me again.

    When I click on the icon I get a whole page full of stuff. Did I do something wrong??



    At the very top of the “whole page of stuff” which on close examination is the posts on your blog, there is a place for your readers to subscribe to your feed. So that means everything is fine. Bye now.


    Thanks so much. You were a big help.



    You’re welcome. (BTW IMO the Garland theme looked better on your blog than this one does but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.) Cheers :)

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