“Subscribe” menu untranslatable ?

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    Has anyone else noticed that the “Subscribe” menu on the WordPress bar accross the top seems not to have its contents (e.g., “Subscribe,” “Subscribe to Blog,” “Unsubscribe”) available as translatable strings on GlotPress ? I’m a translator for Irish (ga-IE) and I haven’t seen these strings available…



    I also didn’t found them. They aren’t there.
    Mhéin ó Galicia.



    Any chance that this will be sorted out? It’s one of the most obvious strings on WordPress.com.


    I beg to differ: “Subscribe to Blog“.


    And so that gruffprys doesn feel left out: “Subscribe to Blog“.



    Thanks for the reply. I think we’ve all translated that particular string, and have had our translations deployed since, yet the translation does not appear in top bar.

    I assumed this was because the “Subscribe” and “Subscribe to Blog” strings that I had translated were ones that appeared elsewhere in the interface (i.e. not in the top bar), and that I couldn’t find the ones that needed translation.

    Could it be that these translated strings are not being deployed correctly, or that the subscription strings in the .php file for the top bar has not been properly tagged for localization?

    Have any other languages succeeded in translating this in the interface? It’s strange that this is an issue affecting Irish, Galician and Welsh.


    Looks like I’ll have to swallow my own words. You are right, the subscribe menu on the admin bar, is not on the .pot

    I’ll have the devs look at it


    Ok, here’s the situation: that feature relies on the specifics of the (global) WordPress.com homepage, and as long as the languages homepages have not been synced with the English one, we’ll just have to live with it in English. Sorry.



    Thanks for looking into this issue for us.

    “the languages homepages have not been synced with the English one”

    Is there any way for us to do this?



    Obrigado, Zé.
    Hoping developers will fix this issue.


    @gruffprys: not really, unfortunately. It’s mostly a theme issue, which in turn is related to global tags pages and static pages. All we could do is translate, but those homepage strings already existed in GP anyway.



    Is there any short or even long term plan for syncing languages homepages?
    Is this something out of the scope of this forum and we should contact support? (should be able to do more than just translating)

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