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    I’ve noticed a lot of blogs that have a subscription pop-up after you’ve been on the page for a while, or when you scroll down to a certain point. This would be a nice feature for our blogs!

    The blog I need help with is



    GAWD forbid that we ever have those nasty pop-ups here at Nothing is a more graphic display of arrogance and ignorance than setting up a in your readers’ face pop-up asking them to describe before they have even finished reading a post. For my readers and me that’s the kiss of death. We click out never to return again and refuse to recommend the blog to anyone else ever. For more on the amateurish in your face pop-ups, pop-unders, toolbars as well as HONKING huge and floating social networking icons that piss both my readers as me right off see:



    Would be nice if it were optional for us amatuerish bloggers who’d like the feature.



    It uses code which is stripped out for security reasons, so even if you love it you couldn’t have it.


    No! No! No! A thousand times NO!



    Up to a point, there already is a pop up. Most of us opt to turn it off. Look here below where it says “Readers without accounts can follow a blog with the button that appears in the lower right-hand corner of sites:”

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