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subscribe with iTunes in my sidebar

  1. I’d like to put subscribe with iTunes in my sidebar. I already have this working on blogger. Can I copy paste to wordpress. I haven’t a clue what I’m doing. You can see what I’m looking for at

    This does not help
    because when I go to manage>uploads there is no spot to tell wordpress where to look for my image that I have on the net.

    This does not help
    because I already have them hosted.

    When I do copy what I have on blogger to wordpress it just says “img hosted by…”

    Thanks for your time


  2. What is the actual code you're trying to put in? Paste it here between backticks, which are those little marks on the same key as ~. That way we can see it unadulterated.

    My hunch is that it contains an embed or javascript of some kind and, as covered in the FAQ, for security reasons those are stripped out on blogs.

  3. ~<img alt="Image Hosted by" src=""/><br/><img border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting" src=""/>~

    so if this does contain this embed or java that you speak of how can I get a nice little iTunes icon with the link you see under all this in my side bar if i can't use the above code - thx for your quick response.

  4. i think it took out the itunes link? ~<a href="

  5. No, the code should work. It looks fine: just an image linked to an external site.

    My suspicion is that imageshack isn't letting you host it there and hotlink to your WordPress site. Try using the Upload box just below Write Post and once it's uploaded, click Edit and grab the URL. Use that. Report back and let us know if it works.

  6. or to add it to your side bar, upload the image to your blog through the dashboard, then add it to th code you get from itunes, and add the whole lot in a text widget on your sidebar.

  7. Thanks for your help!! I was able to host my picture on wordpress and paste it in the side bar but this is only part of what I want to do.

    I want to put a link under the picture. This is the link I want under the picture. ~ ~ If I just paste the link it works great but I don’t know how to put the link under the picture. I tried but that wasn’t it I don’t think. Is there a special way to get both the picture and link to work together?

  8. Why don't you make a Draft post and put the image and the link together and tweak them there? Then when they look the way you want, click to the Code editor and copy the code. Paste that into your widget.

  9. ISSUE RESOLVED So I went to a podcasters meetup tonight in the city and somebody took five seconds to tell me what the problem was, and yes, maybe if I were using a text editor as you just suggested I would have found the problem. I forgot to replace the name of the picture with my link. Thanks for all your help. I owe you a beer!!

  10. I'll take it. Can you use Paypal to send it?

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