subscribed people dont recibe email with a new post

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    I have the same problem as I had in my last 2 posts, people who are subscribed to muy blog dont recive the email notification when I make a new post.
    Can anyone help me please???

    The blog I need help with is



    Please post the email addresses of those who did not receive your posts here. The software will redact them ie. HIDE them so only Staff can see them in this thread and no one else will be able to see them. I’ll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.



    I see 30 pending followers, so it’s possible that some of these followers never confirmed their email subscription. If you post the email addresses, I can check for that.

    Also please note that emails sometimes get sent to spam, and many Gmail users report that emails end up in their “Social” tab, so if they have confirmed their subscriptions, your email followers should check both places for their email notifications.



    Thankyou for yous answers. I dnt know how to hide the mails. I’ll give you two of them as an example that it doesnt work: (email redacted), (email redacted)

    I dont have contact with al people to ask if they have recived notifications, I have talk with 6-7 people about it and they say they dnt have the email, anywhere (include spam)

    Im not happy with wordpress because its not the first time… its the third one, and I asked for help before and as you can see i still have the problem :(((

    Thankyou for your help



    Were the posts scheduled, or had you saved them as Drafts prior to the day of publishing?



    I dont know the meaning of SCHEDULED sorry, but I can confirm you that I save it as a draft before PUBLISH (the same day both)



    I do not see the email address (email redacted) listed as a follower or in the pending list.

    I do see (email redacted), but because that user is on Gmail, I would ask that you double check that the emails aren’t in their social tab:

    If they cannot find the email, I can remove them and they can try readding themselves as a follower to see if that works.

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