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  1. I am curious because I noticed the Feedburner Subscriber counter on Problogger and would like one on my wordpress. Is this possible? I have a subscribe to email update but not a subscriber counter. I have a hit counter but not a subscriber counter.

  2. You need to send in a feedback to request this feature be added.

  3. Actually I just did that and got excellent support, the widget is available on Feedburner under Publicize tab.

    WordPress, you can close this now as resolved. YOU ROCK!

  4. Is it available on blogs, though? We have more restrictions than other WordPress blogs do, because of the shared blogging platform. What does the code of the widget look like?

  5. yes, it is available, Feedburner just created a new widget that is non-java script [for a lack of a better term] which is friendly.

  6. Would you please provide a link to the new Feedburner widget?

  7. The link is ID-based, so it will be different for each FeedBurner account. Look at your FeedBurner feed's Publicize tab, and you will find the Feed Counter in the left-hand column.

    It's kind of ugly, though, IMO.

    Edit: it's not a widget; it's a chicklet

  8. It's probably in their backend so a link wouldn't work.

  9. isn't that what i said?

  10. Sorry about that. People don't listen to me either. :(

  11. apology accepted :)

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