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    I downloaded Jetpack and understood that you could move my subscribers from .com to my self hosted blog. Can you?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    Staff can move your email subscribers only. Followers who use the Reader cannot be moved. What’s required is that you install and activate JetPack and then post the two URLs here for Staff.


    Yes, I would like my email subscribers moved to my new self-hosted blog. I did install and activate JetPack.
    Here are the two urls.

    Is this what you need?


    Yes that is what Staff requires and I have flagged this thread for their attention.




    Can you tell me how long it will take? Somehow a whole bunch of posts came into one of emails today.



    We don’t have a clue when Staff will appear here. Based on observation there presence on this forum on weekends has decreased over the course of the past year.



    jancoxabetterway, I don’t see any jetpack-connected blogs on your account. Did you install, activate, and connect Jetpack from ? If so, which account did you connect it to, and what is the URL of the blog?

    underthecoverofprayer, I’ll need to see the request from the user owns before proceeding. underthecoverofprayer is not even a user on that blog.

    villageartgroup, do you want your Followers moved too? If so, what are the URLs of the two blogs?



    jancoxabetterway and underthecoverofprayer, sorry, didn’t notice the connection until just now. I have transferred your Followers as requested.


    OH I am so confused. Can you tell?
    I had trouble with Jetpack email on my new self-hosted blog and have been playing with it. That’s why it doesn’t show up. At the moment it is off.

    I own all those blogs but do not want anything moved except from jancoxabetterway. I exported the posts from jancoxabetterway to Now I would like my email subscriptions to follow.

    Does the use Jetpack? Is that why I need to install it on


    I don’t see any subscribers but 3… in jetpack.


    My followers are gone on jancoxabetterway – where did they go?



    They were transferred to as you had requested.


    I found them. It says (3) but they are there. I put Jetpack back on. I think I am good to go.
    Not sure why it can’t count subscribers though.


    I have tried to subscribe and it doesn’t show up in the Jetpack list with the ones from



    Jetpack only supports email subscribers, so the folks who subscribe via the Reader cannot be transferred. For those, I recommend leaving a “we’ve moved” post on the blog.


    I have done that – told them I am moving – that is okay.

    But in my Jetpack Site Stats in new blog under subscribers it only shows 3 but there are 25 and that’s why I am confused. Does Jet Pack not pick up the numbers that you moved over?

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