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  1. I am a new "blogger" and want to ask how i can get followers and subscribers. Do I simply wait for people to find me??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. define "Followers." The term doesn't relate to at all; it's a Twitter term that's also used at Blogspot.

    As for the more general "how do I get recognized and read" question, please search the forum. I can't speak for the others but I personally have answered this question hundreds of times already. The tips are all here already.

  3. How do I get more visitors is the single most ask question here - just page back in the Forum a few days and you will find many many suggestions.

  4. I'm simply trying to identify who my subscribers are, and I can't figure out where that information is. Am I overlooking something? Or are we not to know unless they comment?

  5. It should be on your Stats page, at the bottom on the left. There's a tab for it.

    That will tell you how many subscribers you have, but personal information on each one is not available. What are you looking for, specifically?

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