subscribers can't unsubscribe (they still are listed as followers)

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    Three people reported that they tried to unsubscribe to my site but I still see them listed as subscribed/following . I read in support/forums that I cannot unsubscribe them (ie, do it for them). I am repurposing the website in February so the current subscribers are going to all unsubscribe and I will have new people subscribe to be notified of new posts. How do I clear my subscriber list? People are trying to unsubscribe and then I look and they are still on the list. This should be an easy thing, right? My website is: (mapped too ) Thank you for your help.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hey there!!

    That is correct. Unfortunately, you cannot unsubscribe them. If unsubscribing by email does not seem to work, they may have to try un-following you:!/read/edit/ .


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