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    How can I check who subscribed my blog and who is actually receiving an email after I’ve published a new article? Is there a list of subscribers available? Some friends told me that they were not informed about recent articles despite having subscribed long ago.

    The blog I need help with is


    When logged in, go to your site stats (either get to it via your dashboard and the menu in the left panel or via the grey admin bar at the top of your window and then, from the menus that come out via your name top right, choose the blog and its respective site stats). When on the site stats page, scroll down to the bottom til you see ‘Totals, Followers and Shares’ and look at the ‘Followers’ area (‘Followers’ is what used to be called ‘Subscribers’, it was changed fairly recently). You’ll see the total number of followers in a text link. If you click on that text link you’ll get up a page that will show you the people who are subscribed. There are two text links at the top of it: “ followers” – these are people who are subscribed via the site, usually logged in users with wordpress blogs who can read their subscriptions on a reading page here but who also have the option to receive posts via email. With these you can click on the upper link which is to their public Gravatar profile or the lower link which is to their blog. The other link is to ‘Email followers’ and are mostly people who either don’t have blogs or who have a blog (for instance, they might blog on, which is different from There are no links from the email followers list, but you can see the email addresses of those subscribers.

    As for whether everyone who is subscribed has actually received your posts… you won’t find that on the subscribers lists. If you’ve had people tell you that they are not receiving your posts, it may be that they are being intercepted by their email spam filters (it happens with most blogs from time to time, not just wordpress), or it may be a problem with their internet provider or software. Or it might be something glitchy with If you can’t sort it out with the subscribers themselves, I’d suggest you contact staff at Support:

    Just type a few words into the form there, and if suggestions appear that are no use to you, then type a full description of what is wrong and send it off to them. Wait a while for a response as they can get very budy. (I’m not a member of staff, by the way, most of the people who respond to topics on this forum are volunteers.)



    thanx a lot! great help – it worked!



    Is there a list of subscribers available?

    I’m posting a quick walkthrough to find out who has subscribed to your blog so it’s variable when this thread is located in the searchbox.

    Dashboard > Site Stats > Totals, Followers & Shares > Site followers

    Site followers:click the number of _ active followers link
    Comment followers: click the number of __followers link



    thank you too, timethief – you gave me same roadmap as absurdoldbird; I’m slowly collecting blog experiences, still far from being an expert. Nice to receive help so spontaneously.



    I think absurdolbird supplied great explanatory instructions. I just posted a quick breakthrough. Have you discovered the link to the learn blogging tutorial at the bottom of your Admin page? I think it’s quite helpful for a general introduction and basic set up.You’re welcome and if you need more help don’t hesitate to post again. :)


    Timethief is great at giving info in a more concise manner than I am… me, I’m wordy as can be! I tend to think of someone as having the same sort of comprehension difficulties as I have (a bit dyslexic and brain-foggy) so that’s how I explain things. Glad my info helped anyway, and thanks TT also for adding the abbreviated version!



    Is there a way to see the number of RSS followers I have who are not users? For example, if someone subscribes to my blog and uses google reader or another reader. Is there a tool to see how many and who they are? Similar to the “number of active followers” tool that lets me see my email subscribers and subscribers?



    Is there a way to see the number of RSS followers I have who are not users?

    To my knowledge, no. If you use a third-party service like FeedBurner, you can get limited stats on people who subscribe via that service only.



    @hugskissesandsnot – if you have (or create) a Google webmaster account, you can see the total number of Google reader subscribers in there. It doesn’t doesn’t tell you who they are. I also use Statcounter and that shows the Google reader – you can at least figure out the area they live in.


    @kellywpa – slightly off topic – where in Statcounter can one see Google reader? I use Statcounter in my blogs here and can’t work out where to look for that.



    @absurdoldbird. Mine actually says Google reader – I did a screen shot and put the link below. I have one person that reads in Google reader that the lines are blank & look the one on 10/20 and that person’s only shows when they come to my blog and make a comment.


    @kellywpa – thanks. I’ll have to look for that in my statcounter. Don’t know why I’ve not spotted it before.



    @absurdoldbird. Some of them just have the blank line with the no referring link at the top like the one on the 20th shows. I know that particular person so that is how I figured that one out. I am not sure why some do and some don’t though.

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