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Subscribers not receiving confirmation email

  1. Dear Friends,
    Several of those following my blog have attempted to subscribe, however, they are not receiving the email to which they respond"confirm."
    Also, where do I check to see the emails of those who have subscribed?
    Many thanks for your help. M blog is my main life line to those practitioners of Zen.
    With bows, Jisen

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks for your report. I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance with this issue. Can your provide the usernames or email addresses of a couple of those who have experience this issue? Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  3. P.S. I assume the would be subscribers have checked for the email in their email client spam filters.

  4. Yes, they have checked their email client junk and spam filters.
    I'll need their permission to send their email addresses. Is there any reason for security here for them?
    With gratitude, Jisen

  5. Also, where can I find the emails of those who are following the blog.
    Is it somewhere in the Admin. area?
    With bows,

  6. Any email addresses you post will trigger the software to redact them ie. HIDE them so only Staff can see them.

  7. Hi Jisen - You can see all your subscribers by going to your stats, scrolling down to the Totals, Followers, and Shares, and clicking the "Blog" link there:

    If your followers have checked their junk/spam folders, please also have them try to whitelist *

    If none of those suggestions help, please provide me with a couple of the email addresses, so I can check. As Timethief said, I'll be able to see them but they won't appear publicly. :)

  8. Dear WordPress Friends,
    Here are the emails of two individuals having problems:
    [email redacted]

    [email redacted]
    Many thanks of you both!

  9. Dear Timethief and Eurello,
    Can I as Administrator remove someone from the email list? Many thanks Eurello as I located it easily through the instructions.
    With bows,

  10. Hi Jisen - I checked and both of those subscribers were last sent an email from your site on November 24, which was your first and only post. To clarify, subscribers only get emails for new posts, not new pages. That might be the issue.

    It's not possible to remove subscribers from a public blog. Anyone can subscribe. You can set your site to private, in which case only those readers you specifically invite can subscribe: Privacy Settings

  11. Hmmm. If I am correct I sent out a post beyond the 24th date. Also, my home page is a "post" not a "page." I did this purposely for now so that when I update what is most current will be received by everyone. How can I tell when I sent pout my last post? Thank you ever so much for helping me step through all of this.
    With bows,

  12. Hi Jisen - Correct, your home page is where your posts appear, but so far, you have only the one. You can see all your published posts listed here:

    This article might also be a help to you: Post vs. Page

    Does that clear things up?

  13. I think we're good to go on all of this. I can't thank the staff at WordPress enough. As you can tell, I'm quite new at all of this.
    With gratitude,
    Rev. Jisen

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