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Subscribers not receiving updates from my blog

  1. Two of my subscribers have said they are not receiving emails from WordPress when I update my blog. They are listed as email subscribers, so I can't see a reason they aren't receiving them. Help?

  2. Subscribers sometimes forget that they themselves choose how frequently they will receive posts by email.

    When readers subscribe, they’ll get an email update (either immediately, daily, or weekly, depending on the frequency they choose) when you write new posts on your blog.

    Another thing that sometimes happens is that they do not white-list emails from and the posts are in their email spam filters.

    A third thing that can happen is that there is an email delay and a few hours later they appear.

    Please confirm with your subscribers that those three factors are not in play here before contacting Staff.

  3. The email delay is the only problem that could possibly be it, because the subscribers who have contacted me have set their management to receive updates "immediately," and there is nothing in their spam folders.

    In the case of one subscriber who contacted me, she hasn't received an email about new posts in weeks, so I doubt an email delay is at fault.

    This issue applies only to my email far as I know, my subscribers with WordPress accounts are receiving updates just fine.

    Thank you for your help! I've contacted support, so hopefully we can get this issue resolved quickly.

  4. Best wishes.

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