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    Hi – We’re using the WordPress subscriber widget on our blog and were wondering if we’re the only ones who have access to our subscribers’ names and e-mail addresses? When someone subscribes to us, does this information also exist on a WordPress database somewhere, and does WordPress ever compile and sell this info? To encourage people to sign up for our blog, we’d like to add a note to assure them that their personal information will never be shared with anyone. Here’s our blog address:

    The blog I need help with is



    If you review your Terms of Service, you’ll see that WordPress does not sell or pass on that information, although it IS stored at WordPress; if it weren’t, they couldn’t be subscribed to your blog.



    The email subscription widget does store the subscribers email address in the database associated with your blog. Rest assured, we have never and will never compile or sell this information. As far as we’re concerned this is private information that belongs to you just like posts, pages and comments (only in the case of email subscriptions the information is not publicly viewable).


    Okay, thank you.

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