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    I have elected to send email subscribers truncated posts for security reasons. To read the full post they must follow links such as the title, or ” Read more of this post” to navigate to the post within the blog itself. All of the links, including the post title, read more, and post comments, all open in a blank search page somewhere within my blog and they must then navigate around to find the post. Why is this happening and anyone have any ideas on how can I fix it? Thanks a bunch.

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s odd because when I’m in your blog and click “read more” links in your posts I get the full posts. I’m using Firefox 3.6.12. And I can’t fund anything about this in support documentation
    It sounds to me like you need Staff help.



    Is your blog sending the email or are you? I had a case a while back where I send an email from Windows Mail with some links in the email to my site – however there is a “Feature” in Win Mail that caused the links to be broken – had to resend 200++ emails a second time – sucked –


    Thanks everyone. I’ve been away from the forum and forgot to check my post…

    Timethief – reading the posts in the actual blog is no problem – it’s the email subscription that’s the problem. One of my subscribers mentioned that when the latest post arrived in her inbox that the links to the post directed her to a place in my blog that says something like “post not found” and she’s having to navigate to the home page to find it. She sent me the links and I tried them myself with the same results. So the auto email in wordpress is throwing out bad links back to my post.

    Auxclass – I’m not sending the emails, it’s the automatic subscription email service from wordpress that’s doing it.



    I would suggest reporting that to staff. They have been tinkering with permalinks etc for a couple of months now.


    Thanks for the heads up! I hope they get that kink ironed out soon.



    That’s definitely a problem. :(

    Would you please contact us directly at and copy in one of your subscriber’s emails if you can?

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