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    About 5 days I had 412 subscribers. Two hours later it dropped to 240. The email addresses of the subscribers also dropped to 240. Is there any way that I can recover the vanished subscribers? Perhaps in WordPress? I had done a normal PC back up a few days before. Would they be stored on that? I am a non techie and ANY help or advice would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    I’ll tag this for staff attention since they will need to look into things in the backend here. It is nothing you did, and no, they are not stored on your computer.



    I don’t see any trace of your blog’s subscribers ever being more than 2 digits. As of now, you have 46 subscribers and 5 email subscribers, and that hasn’t decreased much with the exception of a few unsubscribe requests.

    Did you have your blog set to Publicize to Facebook or Twitter? If set, we include your Facebook and Twitter followers in the total number, so if that connection ever breaks, you will lose those followers from your total.


    Thanks for the reply. I did deliberately break connection with Facebook and Twitter and my followers dropped to 50. I reconnected to FB and Twitter and my Facebook followers showed again. Perhaps I didn’t reconnect to Twitter properly? It seems OK.
    Do you mean that ALL my FB and Twitter get emails about my blog posts or are they ALL only listed as ‘possible’ subscribers? Or are SOME of them genuine followers?
    Any help you give me will be greatly appreciated.



    Well, via Publicize you are sending your posts to your Facebook and Twitter feeds, and your Facebook friends and Twitter followers are reading those feeds, so via Facebook and/or Twitter, those extra folks are genuine followers in a sense.


    Hi MacManx,
    Thanks for the info. That explains the problem. I reconnected to Facebook and Twitter as soon as I noticed the problem. I recovered the Facebook friends but the Twitter followers never came back. Is there any way I can get them back?
    Thanks again for your time,



    Please try the full reconnect procedure detailed at

    Also, it may take a day or so for the full follower count to be updated from Twitter.


    Hi MacManx,
    Thanks for the help. Great stuff.

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