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Subscribing and receiving only articles from 1 category

  1. A subscriber asked me how can he only receive articles I post that are in English, as supposed to every single one I post which include articles in Spanish and Portuguese. Is there a way for people to subscribe and receive only articles from one category? For example only spanish, only portuguese, only english, etc.

    Blog url:

  2. I'm afraid there isn't a way to subscribe to a specific category by email.

    My best suggestion is to copy the feed URL of the category by appending /feed/ to the end of the category URL, then adding that to a feed reader, such as Google Reader.

  3. How about through the RSS Feed? Could I somehow connect a category to the RSS Feed so that people could subscribe to that category only?

  4. Each category actually has its own RSS feed, just add /feed/ to the end of URL, for example:

  5. Excellent! I knew there was a way!

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