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subscription box

  1. Hi

    I registered for a blog on and would like to have a subcription box on the main page (for people who do not use RSS reader). Could someone help me out with this?

    Also, I do not get the RSS button to show up on my site view.



  2. Please define what you mean by a subscription box.

    Looks like you've been messing with teh Widgets within your theme. Make sure you add the Meta one as that contains your RSS links.

    Good luck,

  3. Mike

    By subcription box I meant a place where a visitor could put in his/her e-mail just like joining a mailing list.


  4. That's a form then. Forms are currently stripped out as you would have to include code to deal with the output of the form. Also note that does not offer mail list hosting.

    You best bet would be to create a mail list elsewhere and provide a link to the sign up script there.

    Good luck,

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