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    Regarding the confirmation email posted out to new subscribers. Under the heading ‘Great content you might have missed on Stroud Community Web’. the links Welcome – Community – What’s on – all have a https:// in the URL which brings up a warning message. How can I change these link addresses to just have htttp:// ? As you know these emails are automatically generated – I can’t see on the dashboard where I can alter the content of these emails. Kind regards Ange
    Blog url:



    Sorry about that!

    We’re aware of the issue and working on a fix.


    Is a fix imminent or is this a long term issue?


    Is there anyway we can drop the ‘great content you may have missed’ from the confirmation email?



    The fix is imminent, though I can’t give any specific estimates.



    Just to close an old thread, this issue should be fixed.

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