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Subscription Email Layout

  1. The layout of my post today when sent via email to subscribers was off.

    In particular, I have a centered image in the post, then some text centered just below the image. However, in the subscription email body, the image is justified left (not centered) and the text follows to the right of it, not below in a new paragraph.

    Of course all looks great on my blog itself, so I went to Post > Edit > HTML. In my HTML editor, the text code comes immediately after the image code without a space or a hard return (new paragraph). Is that why?

    Obviously, I would like my update e-mails to look like my posts as much as possible. Now that my blog is live, I can't create new posts and test them like I did before I had subscribers....


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm not sure why the formatting got messed up as you describe but sometime the visual editor does so wacky things. In the HTML editor, try moving the paragraph tag.
    This is where the paragraph is now, before the picture:
    <p style="text-align: center;"><a href="…and so on to …height="181" /></a>…
    press return a couple of times so there is an empty line after the picture.
    put the paragraph tag right before the start of your 'caption'

    …height="181" /></a>
    <p style="text-align: center;">An excerpt from……

    If you switch back to the visual editor, the blank line will be stripped but the paragraph tag should remain where it belongs.

  3. BTW, why don't you set your post to "private" and publish instead of using the draft mode? You readers won't even know your post is there, but you can check how things will really look once you make the post "public."

  4. Thanks for the help. I'll definitely try out your recommendations... I appreciate the help....

  5. My problem is with the format/layout of the email sent to subscribers, not with the actual post. So setting to private to preview the post doesn't help. Plus I can always "preview" the post prior to publishing.

    Is there a way to preview the email that will be sent? If I publish privately and am subscribed to my own blog, will I receive an email with the new private post?

    Again, my main concern is the layout of the email sent to subscribers. It would be great to preview it. My last two have not been true to form....


  6. OK so now I know who you are!!!

    'preview' the post is not always the same as 'publish'

    Sorry, but I don't know how to preview email for a subscribed blog. Mine go out in email with the excerpt function. but only a few themes actively use that. Vigilance does not.

  7. There is no preview for emails and you will not receive an email for private posts.

    The email sent out to your subscribers is reformatted to fit the constraints of email clients. If you have a specific instance where this reformatting could be better then please send the URL of a post in to support along with details of the problem and how it could be improved.

  8. @Tess

    'preview' the post is not always the same as 'publish'

    No kidding. I found that out the hard way with the HTML tables post.

  9. timethief,
    yes. but if you can finish the post without switching to visual editor before posting, it will come out fine.
    Someone is messing with the ve again: today I switched over to the visual editor in the advanced mode as an experiment and it no longer automatically switches images to their original size as it has been doing for a month or more…

  10. Thank everyone.... I sent the e-mail, John. I appreciate that. It's just so important that emails look good, right? I spend hours on each post and it hurts to think my email subscribers receive anything less...

  11. @Tess

    yes. but if you can finish the post without switching to visual editor before posting, it will come out fine.

    I experienced more than teeth grinding episode these last few days and the word "visual editor" is bound to send my blood pressure into the ozone range.

    I switched over to the visual editor in the advanced mode as an experiment and it no longer automatically switches images to their original size as it has been doing for a month or more…

    Hmmmm ...

  12. @followmyfilm
    I apologize for the off-topic comments. John will be taking care of your issue and I'm happy to hear that. Best wishes. :)

  13. Ryan M. actually helped me out and suggested I utilize the "Caption" feature within the image edit window. That really is a beautiful option that never occurred to me.

    However, I wrote back because it does not seem as though I can create a hyperlink within the Caption text itself. I like to do that so I can not only give credit to the source of my image, but also point people in the right direction via hyperlink.

    I'm awaiting his reply.

    Thanks for all the help.....

  14. Okay, now I've decided to use the Caption feature; however, I just came across a topic that @timethief posted in stating that the gray Caption box does not remain within the Vigilance theme. Has this been resolved? I haven't posted yet with the Caption box, but am about to.

    Also, I when I preview my post, my caption text does not remain centered, it's justified left. Gees....

  15. Okay, weird: I ran a caption test using my test blog and the gray box is not there (actually preferable!), the italics remained, but the center justification did not (went to the left).

    However, in the subscription e-mail, the caption was NOT italicized, but it WAS centered......

  16. @Christopher

    You are better off to use tables for images and 'captions' because the caption feature here at is a shortcode and you have not control over how it looks. With a table you can simulate the grey background / border, plus have links and formatting as you like.

    The shortcode doesn't allow for options… Vigilance theme does not show the grey box. Other themes do, but it is theme dependent.

    I'm not sure how tables look in subcription emails, though…

  17. Sorry to beat this thread to death... I just can't figure it out: it happened again today with my subscription email. It did not look like the post in one particular area: one image was not centered and the text below it ended up immediately next to it, rather than below.

    I've searched "email subscription format layout" and I really don't find much. It's hard to believe this isn't a common issue...

    It's just embarrassing knowing my emails are being received in such a manner...

    Thanks for all the help thus far!!!

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