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    Renew subscription. Thought there was a possibility to change from manual to auto renew, but yet to find the answer. My last blog asked Word Press to do it for me, but now the date has expired and we don’t have a functioning web site. A new visa card account has been provided so just go ahead and make the charge. Thank you. Croquet Canterbury

    The blog I need help with is


    Howdy –

    I’ll be glad to help out. Can you let me know which domain URL needs renewed? There’s not any history of upgrades connected to the account that you are posting with here in the forums.




    If you could renew: by taking the subscription from my personal visa card account o g evans, we would be very appreciative.

    No upgrade, we are staying with premier website.


    Owen Evans


    Howdy –

    The domain renewed automatically but it is owned by a different user account than the one that you have contacted us from here.

    The Premium plan did not renew, however, as auto renewal was disabled.

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