subscription for has expired, don't see renew button

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    Can’t renew subscription because i don’t see renew subscription button under My Upgrades. Didn’t see any notice that subscription was going to expire. Didn’t get any e-mail.

    The blog I need help with is


    Need to renew subscription, but can’t see how to renew as there are no options under My Upgrades tab.



    Do you mean your domain mapping upgrade has expired? I can see your site at that address, so it still seems to be in place. The domain itself is good until May 2014.

    Since you don’t see the option to renew mapping under your Dashboard My Upgrades, I will flag this for Staff assistance. Please be patient while they get back to you.


    Thanks. That’s correct, its the renew mapping which isn’t showing. The Domain is managed by a different organisation. This blog site used to be administered by someone else. It may be that the transfer wasn’t done fully.



    This blog site used to be administered by someone else. It may be that the transfer wasn’t done fully.

    If you are not the Owner of the site, the upgrades wouldn’t show up in your Dashboard.

    To determine if you are the owner of the site, please go to your site’s Dashboard, click on the “My Blogs” there (NOT in the dropdown list where the Reader is under the big “W” in the Admin Bar). Hover your mouse over the name of the site in question and if you don’t see the words “Change Blog Address” and “Transfer Blog” you are not the owner.

    The owner of the site must first transfer it to you following these instructions

    I’m still going to leave this tagged for Staff assistance because there are upgrades involved, including a Custom Domain Upgrade.


    I have contacted the previous owner and got him to transfer the site to me. This has been done. I got the e-mail telling me that I am the owner and if I hover over the site address in My Blogs I now see ‘transfer Blog’, but i still don’t see anything under My Upgrades.



    Thanks for the additional information.

    Please subscribe to this thread if you haven’t already and let’s wait to hear from Staff. They handle threads tagged for their assistance from oldest to newest, so best not to bump this thread.



    Hi neilcgriffiths,

    Sorry for the confusion. It looks like when the account was transferred to you, the upgrade wasn’t transferred as well. I’ve sorted it out so that you now can manage that upgrade.

    Because of this inconvenience, I’ve renewed the mapping for you.

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