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Subscription issue

  1. Follower can't subscribe to I have tried to subscdribe as well using her e-mail address. She has never received an e-mail requesting activation. Here is her latest, with e-mail address.

    Susan Macpherson [email redacted] to me
    show details 6:26 AM (4 hours ago)

    Thanks for all your efforts on behalf of my efforts to subscribe. I have never had a different email address. I don't know why I still am having no success. I have never received an email asking me to activate even though the message appears that I will get an email which asks me to activate. I have no idea what the problem is. Once again, I'm sorry to cause you extra work not to mention the time it takes away from your thinking and posting about more important issues. I will try again now and let you know if it works. I am having no other problems with such issues when I go through the same process with other unrelated sites.

    Maybe it's related to my purple hair and inexplicably rising hgb. The latest was 10.9 (US measure) and I haven't had a transfusion since mid-June. I have been transfusion dependent for at least 4 years and was diagnosed with Primary Myelofibrosis in 1993 when I was 57. My fancy specialist in Toronto does not know why this is happening, but I'll take it.
    Blog url:

  2. It looks like this email address has never attempted to subscribe to your blog.

    I recommend asking her to try again.

  3. She tried on multiple occasions using the SUBSCRIBE slot in the sidebar. And I tired to subscribe her using her e-mail address and get th emessage "An e-mail has been sent... etc." except NO e-mail arrived at her address. . No dice. Something's up. Can you subscribe her to a provided e-mail address? Susan Macpherson <[email redacted]> We've been at this for several days now. Thanks
    \ Zhen

  4. It's possible that the confirmation email could be marled as spam. Has she checked her spam folder?

    We can't create a subscription on her behalf, as she would still need to confirm it via email.

  5. I can communicate with her via g-mail, no problem. There is a disconnect between e-mails sent by lWordPress to the same address. I asked her to check her spam folder but she has also received wordpress blogs in the past without those ending up as spam. I have a number -- nearly 100 I think -- of "followers" whatever that is who are in a different class than those who received an e-mail and clicked to activate membership. I'm just concerned that this is a systemic problem.


  6. In most cases, it's just the email going into spam, which is quite common as users have control over their own spam filters.

    I'm pretty sure this is the same case here. Please let us know how she replies.

  7. Here is her response. Since I can reach her via e-mail isn't it likely the problem arises from the wordpress originating end? Can you simply subscribe her and send a confirming e-mail via an individual e-mail channel just to confirm the difficulty arises in the automatic origination e-mail.

    Susan Macpherson to me
    show details 9:43 AM (57 minutes ago)

    I have checked my spam folder. e-mails from MPNforum not there so I don't think that's the problem. Thanks again for your ongoing help.

  8. The activation keys are computer generated and cannot be sent manually.

    What I'm referring to regarding the spam folder is that I believe our confirmation email to her is winding up in her spam folder.

  9. I understand that and appreciate your help but is there something you don't seem to understand about this situation since we keep coming back to this same point? She HAS looked in her spam folder and found nothing. I forwarded her e-mail to you. Can you or some other Happiness Engineer not step outside your computer-generated activation keys and PERSONALLY send her an e-mail to test what's going on? There HAS to be a way to get this person subscribed since she -- and I -- have been trying to get this done for days.
    * I know all we've come up with so far is SPAM but is it possible it's something else?

  10. Ok, we'll need her to email us via [email redacted] to take a close look. We'll follow up with her via email directly if we can track down a solution.

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