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    I miss the old subscription alert that someone has signed up to follow my blog. It had a bit more information with their email and even potential location way back. Is there any reason why the current alert simply got rid of all of those info?

    Another issue I am having is the alerts don’t seem to match up with the list on the blog. For twice, I received an alert, but there is no addition to the subscription list on the blog. Since there is no additional info on the alert email I got, there is no way I can do any cross check.

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    Best, Steffi

    The blog I need help with is


    I too miss the old subscrition alerts. I hope they reinstate them.





    No, I was wondering why we can’t see what location our followers are from anymore.



    If you must know this there are alternatives. You can use non-Javscript visitor trackers like Flagcounter, whosumgus, feedjit, stemeter, statcounter, getclicky.


    How come wordpress stopped this feature?



    Are you talking about the notification you got that said something like “So-and-so subscribed to your blog! We think they are from: Nowhere, USA”?


    Yes Airodyssey. That is what I am talking about. Thank you.



    Quite frankly, I hadn’t even noticed whether this feature still exists or not.

    If you’d like to talk to staff about this, either wait for them to stop by this topic or write to them after January 2, 2012.

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