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    I am trying to insert a subscription option to my blog directly in my article (post).

    Actually I want to write a short description of my post and in order for the reader to view the whole post first I want him/her to subscribe to my blog (insert an option for subscribing) and afterwards the whole article to be displayed to him/her. Can I do this ?

    This is my blog address:
    Theme: Andreas09

    Thanks in advance for advice

    The blog I need help with is



    Can anybody advise on this please?



    The subscription option shows up just fine. There is no way to force readers to subscribe prior to reading a blog at other than registering two blogs, one of which has the “you have to register to read on” and then a contact form, and then the second, private blog, the info of which is only given to those who register through the first blog.



    Hi raincoaster,

    Thanks for the advise, in theory I understand the concept you explain but I cannot apply it in practice. Can you please provide me some extra detailed steps on how to do it?

    1. In my main blog I posted an article in which I specified “You need to register if you wish to read this article” (here: I don’t know how to create the “contact form” you are referring and how this will work, like a link in the post by which the reader can automatically subscribe?

    Secondly I have already created my second blog which is private. Here I will include the post details. I saw that I need to invite persons in order for them to be able to see the info, but after sending the invitation they cannot see my info unless they register to wordpress via a username and a password which is complicated and they will not do it. This is the option you proposed or I miss-understood?


    This support page will explain how to create a contact form. It can be put into a post, a page, or into a text widget in your sidebar.

    Yes, they will have to register with wordpress, but they do not have to get a blog, just a username and password. This is how wordpress keeps track of who can and cannot view your site.

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