Subscription Problem — Not Logging Subscribers?

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    I’ve gotten 30+ emails about new subscribers today and every email says: “Congratulations. You now have 1 subscriber.”

    In addition, on my site stats page it says:

    “Site subscriptions: 1 active subscribers

    Comment subscriptions: 1 subscriber, 1 subscription”

    Is it really not logging the people who are trying to subscribe?

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s entirely possible that these subscribers have not confirmed their subscriptions yet.

    Once they subscribe, they receive an email with a confirmation link. They will not receive subscription emails or appear as active subscribers until they click the confirmation link.


    thanks for the quick response! :)



    You’re welcome!


    The count does seem to get “stuck” for a while… I’ve had more people subscribe today and each one has been #31… it seems odd that none of them have confirmed their subscriptions as the day has gone on. But as long as it’s working, that’s all that matters!


    Oops, meant to add this…When I go to the Site Stats, it says:

    “Site subscriptions: 31 active subscribers”

    When I click on that, the next page tells me:

    “ Subscribers (3) | Email Subscribers (36)”

    But maybe it’s counting the email subscribers in that count who haven’t confirmed yet?

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