How does the Subscription work?

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    Good morning…I’ve heard from two other potential subscribers unable to subscribe to my blog. 23 hours ago I got confirmation you received my first request for help with documentation, but I haven’t heard back…and we launch our blog tomorrow! HELP.
    The problem is pressing the SIGN ME UP button and being directed to an administrative unrelated site. Some just give up. Few confirm using the WP confirmation process. The other problem, which totally baffles me, is the woman who emails me unable to even see the button. Meantimes the process seems to work for nearly 200 others. So,.,.what am I doing wrong. (About this, I mean, in other areas I have a LONG list.) Thanks for your help.
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    I just tested your site and clicked on the Sign me up button first as a logged in user, then as a logged out user.

    In both case, everything worked fine, when subscribing as a user, I am immediately subscribed, when using my email address as a logged out user, I need to validate my email address by clicking on a link in the email I receive, then I am redirected to the Subscription manager where I can update or delete my subscriptions.

    Users not seeing the Sign me up button don’t see it because they are already subscribed.



    Many thanks…I agree the site seems to work. I tried it from foreign computers as well as the Dashboard…but the problem won’t go away,. The guy in California sees the button but keeps getting sent to an admin site (I sent the text to Support earlier) The woman in the Midwest tried to find a way to register — and wrote me — a dozen times, She was last on an i-Pad but I doubt that was the problem. She definitely sees the page and is also not a subscriber…but no button. It’s OK to leave it a mystery since you guys have been great about trying to solve it…and I can work around it by asking these folks send me their comments to post until we figure it out down the line.

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