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    I’ve been suspicious of that widget for a long time. Got about 20 subscribers within a month or so of beginning my blog in February, then none. At all. Since. I tried subscribing with different email address and got no confirmation mail. Contacted support and danced around with them for a while, and they managed to subscribe, and then I was able to subscribe. But still no new subscribers. I let it go. Figured my blog just was not attracting any new subscribers (though you’d think I’d get one or two)

    Now, when I just put up a post couple days ago, I did not get a notification sent to any of the three email addresses I have subscribed to my blog with. I used to get the emails right away, so this is a new wrinkle. Contacted support. They asked for details. Sent details couple days ago. Nothing. Sent them again. Nothing. Any help out there? Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m so sorry but we Volunteers cannot offer any help to you at all. I’m afraid this is an issue that only Staff can sort for you.



    Thanks timethief. Apparently, the WordPress Staff is busy with other matters.



    Staff reported that there was a problem that prevented several days’ worth of recent emails from going out. They say the problem has been fixed, but those emails will not go out retroactively.

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