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  1. Somebody has subscribed to my blog and it's not my Mom. Is there a place or step by step process so I can identify the subscriber?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your blog's email subscriber list is linked from the stats page.

  3. Well, found the download CSV page but I received a Unable to Read File error message.

    Is that WordPress issue or a MIcrosoft issue?

  4. What you might have to do is to open a new excel spreadsheet, put the highlight the top left cell, and the "import" the CSV file. Excel seems to be a bit finicky about CSV files.

  5. The CSV file is to see a list of blog subscribers, but you don't have any blog subscribers yet. You have one comment subscriber, but you cannot identify comment subscribers on a blog at this time.

  6. Thank you designsimply. Thesacredpath I will remember that when I do get my first subscriber.

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