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    Just wondering if people can subscribe to my blog? Is there a link I’m supposed to put up on my blog or something? I’m confused please help! :)


    The blog I need help with is



    I am waiting to find out how to do this also!



    maybe this page will help
    you can add an RSS button in the text widget or us the RSS widget.



    Thanks for trying to help but I am still confused :s I am a blonde you know haha Im also really bad at computer techy stuff…



    I’m not a blonde but I’m TOTALLY baffled by this too.
    I’ve told people about my blog and gotten good feedback, but no one can figure out how subscribe to it.
    I went to the rss-widget link that aw1923 mentioned… I didn’t understand a single word.
    Word Press needs to provide simple instructions for doing this. If they HAVE provided them, they sure hid them!
    I’m so frustrated that I’m thinking of moving to another service… HELP!!!



    This explains the concept of RSS:

    Once you understand that, the instructions above make sense.



    raincoaster… sadly, although the video about RSS feeds is clear, I still have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how people can subscribe to my blog.

    I have a friend who blogs on blogger and at the bottom of her “homepage” there is a clickable link that says “Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)”

    I started a WordPress blog on Tuesday and at the bottom of my main page there is no equivalent… nothing that people can click on.
    If I click on “comments” I see that there is an RSS icon next to a clicable link that says “Feed for this entry” — it sounds like that will just notify someone when there are new comments on the first blog post. Is that correct?
    I also see an icon next to a clickable link that says “Trackable address.” What does that do?
    If I go to the “About” page for my blog, the same 2 icons and links are there. Is this where people subscribe to my blog or would that only notify someone if I update the “About” content?

    I’M EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED! So are my friends. I feel like this process should be easy… that the WordPress “getting started” instructions should have addressed this.



    mjdorn – Theme designers choose different ways to diplay/offer the blog feeds. Without a link to your blog it’s impossible to guess how yours is set up. If you need to put it in your sidebar, this will help:

    Even without that, your feed undoubtedly exists and anyone can already subscribe by using the feed icon in the address bar of their browser.



    RSS IS how you subscribe. Some RSS feeds are ATOM, some are others. You put the feed button or feed widget in your sidebar, they click on it, they’re subscribed. That’s how it works.

    If you look at THIS page, and look in the URL bar of your browser at the top, you’ll see that orange RSS button right there; you can click on that and subscribe to the feed of any page via that, as ella said.

    I don’t know how much simpler we can make the explanation.



    Thank you ellaella and raincoaster! I will work on this tomorrow and get back to you — but, after reading your posts and the feed in the sidebar link, it finally is starting to make sense.

    I does seem to me that this would be worth including in the WordPress intro/getting started info.



    Guys, please can you help me? I’ve got the subscribe thingy on my blog, but i want to know where can I go to see who has subscribed to my blog?

    Thank you :)



    I’m still having problems :(

    1. Here’s a link to my blog

    2. I followed the instructions from the FAQ “Put your feed in your sidebar” that ellaella suggested. I was able to put a text widget in the side bar. The text appears (although, for some reason, the upper case “C” appears lower case) but the feed icon doesn’t — I get a box with little geometic shapes, that I think indicates that the image can’t be displayed.

    So… how can I get the RSS feed icon to display? FYI – the link for the RSS feed icon from that FAQ is

    Also, going back to my earlier post (June 5 – 12:30 AM) – –
    In the “comments” section, there is an RSS icon next to a clicable link that says “Feed for this entry” — Will that only notify someone when there are new comments on THIS blog post?
    On the “about” page, there is the same icon and link — Will that only notify someone if I update the “about” content?

    I find it odd that the theme automatically includes RSS feed links for “comments” and “about” but not for the blog itself. What is the logic for that?

    I sense from raincoaster’s last comment (above) that my questions seem extremely stupid. I apologize, but all I wanted to do was write a little blog, not learn html code. Sorry.



    mjdorn – Your theme is styled to use all lowercase letters in widget titles. The only ways around it are to change themes or purchase the css upgrade and re-style it yourself.

    I see the title of your text widget but nothing in it. Is this what you had there, as shown in the tutorial I linked to above?

    <a href=””><img src=”” /></a>

    Yes, “feed for this entry” is only for that entry but it does not automatically notify people. It shows up in their feed reader(s) and they read it, if they choose, at their leisure. hth



    PS – If you’re still unclear how feeds work — from a subscriber’s standpoint — sign up for a couple, including your own. it’s always a good idea to check your feed from time to time.



    Thanks ella…
    I can live with the lower case letters for now.
    Yes, I typed EXACTLY what the tutorial said — and what you have in your post.
    However, after I save it, if I go back and look at the text widget in My Dashboard it says:
    When I click on that “x in a box” where the RSS Feed icon should be, I get “Not Found” and a note saying that “luckily there are tools on the sidebar for you to use in your search for what you need.”
    Well, I looked at the Tools provided in the dashboard and didn’t see anything listed that would help me search for what I need.
    Let me be clear: I DO understand what an RSS Feed is… I have one for this topic and I have two for my friend Michelle’s blogs on Blogger. I go to my Internet Explorer Mailbox and click on the “Feeds” icon — between “Favorites” and “History” — and can check to see if there are any updates. What I don’t understand is why this is so difficult to set up for MY blog — I really would rather be writing than dealing with these technical issues.



    I tried it in my test blog and noticed a curly quote, which is never happiness. I did it the old-fashioned way and it worked. This is what I used.

    <a href=""><img src=""></a>

    Let us know if that solves the problem.



    Like magic… thank you ella!

    Geez… all of this due to a curly quote. Who knew? [fortunately for me, you did ella]



    You’re welcome, glad to help. I also used the absolute url instead of shorthand. Like Newland Archer, just say I’m old-fashioned. ;)



    I am trying to do this also. I have followed all these instructions exactly and I have a feed button but even though I put in <img src=””>

    when we press the button on the blog I get feed://

    I don’t understand where the double nevadawier comes from? and how to fix it?



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