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  1. when I publish a new post, it ain't being sent out via email. I'm a subscriber, and I haven't gotten the last two posts. I also tried subscribing with a different email address - nada. I asked a friend, and he hasn't gotten the last two posts either.

    I don't see anything in support to help me resolve this issue.

    any ideas?
    Blog url:

  2. Hi there, which email address are you subscribed with? I don't see you being subscribed with your [email redacted] address. Could you please check if you are receiving subscriptions at your [email redacted] address? Could try some other addresses and come back to me with the list of those email addresses that don't receive new emails?

  3. I checked, and I'm not receiving emails at dgeorge. I also tried a new one (which I unsubscribed already) [email redacted]. Nothing. And [email redacted] told me he didn't get the last two either. thanks.

  4. bryanvillarin

    Can you go to to see the sites you're subscribed to by email?

    It'll show you the email address where new post email notifications will be sent.

    You can send the other user to that page as well, and they can post to this forum — we'll be happy to help him directly. :-)

  5. it shows that i'm subscribed to my blog with my other email address [email redacted]. I've passed the link on to my friend as well.

  6. Ok, assuming that is one of the blogs that you should be subscribed to, are you subscribed to at least one other blog?

    If so, what is the URL of that blog?

  7. (got this morning's post)

  8. Ok, you got this morning's post for but not ?

  9. I don't see your dgeorge account subscribed to

    Are you subscribed to that with a different email address?

  10. yes..... bee_art ......

    friend shows he's subscribed to

  11. Ok, I don't see any other subscriptions under your dgeorge account.

    Would you please confirm?

    Meanwhile, I'm checking to see if we have any record of the subscription emails being sent for

  12. Ok, we're definitely show that email was skipped.

    Did you deactivate Jetpack at any time prior to publishing the post?

    Also, was this a scheduled post, or was it published manually?

  13. but my test account ([email redacted]) and my friend's account ([email redacted]) also did not get the last two posts either, not just my dgeorge account.

    I did not deactivate jetpack at any time.

    I publish all posts manually.

  14. Are you using any other plugins that would send emails, or just Jetpack?

  15. just jetpack. nothing else.

  16. just published a new post - did not get the email at dgeorge or bee_art. friend's asleep, but will check in the morning to see if he got it.

  17. [email redacted] did not get the post emailed either.

  18. Hi dsavannah,

    Thanks for these details, I'll pass your notes along to our developers so they can take a closer look.

    Did you receive an email notification when you published this post today? (I'm seeing that you unsubscribed, then resubscribed a little over 17 hours ago, and looks like we sent an email from our end.)

  19. thanks. no, I did not receive a notification, at either bee_art or dgeorge, and neither did [email redacted]. thanks.

  20. Ok, we're still looking into this.

    Sorry for the trouble!

  21. By the way, I did receive emails when someone posted a comment that need to be approved. Just not for the last few posts I've published.


  22. This will be fixed in the next Jetpack release. Sorry about that!

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