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    I hope this topic isn’t already answered somewhere I haven’t looked yet, but I was wondering whether the e-mail and blog reader subscriptions (I use both Feedburner and WP’s own e-mail subscription) count in our stats as hits, or whether the user actually has to click through to the blog to count as a hit? I see that in the WP e-mail subscription options, I can either send out a short snippet or the whole post, and my inital thought was to send the whole post, as it can be annoying to only see a snippet. But if it makes my hits go down, maybe I shouldn’t send the whole post? I know it doesn’t really make any difference in the scheme of things–it’s not like I have ads or huge numbers of readers–but I am kind of a stat addict :-)

    The blog I need help with is






    The user has to click through to view the blog on the web for it to count as a hit.


    Thanks raincoaster!



    You’re welcome. Now that I’ve got a bit more time, I’ll suggest you send out the FULL posts. Sending out partial posts to people who really want to read what you’ve written will only annoy them. It’s not just email subscribers; it’s also RSS subscribers, who tend to be richer, more techno savvy, younger and hipper. If you set it to partial feeds, they’ll effectively stop reading your blog, although they may not bother to unsubscribe.

    Just give people the content in whatever form they ask for it in. Give them all of it, and your loyal, engaged readership will steadily increase. That’s what you really want, isn’t it?

    Believe me, I’m the queen of clickbaiting, but I set my blogs to full feeds. I’d rather be famous and loved than a hit miser.



    Actually I agree with raincoaster and I’m really … lol :D

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