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    During the past week, when I click on “Read My Subscriptions”, the page doesn’t generate the list of blogs I’m subscribed to. Not sure if something’s changed with the WordPress site, or if it’s just me experiencing this.. but it’s happening on more than one computer/location…

    The blog I need help with is



    When you click on Read My Subscriptions, does the page look like it’s attempting to load your subscriptions, or does it simply say you have no subscriptions at all? How big is your subscription list?

    Have you tried using a different browser to view the list? Finally, have you tried logging out of, clearing your browser cache, and then logging back in?



    I had the same problem and contacted Support. They said they made changes to the Subscriptions page. They also suggested cleaning the cache, (which didn’t help for me) and said that WordPress works best with Firefox. I have Outlook and don’t want to switch, but it’s still not working right.



    Provided I am logged into, I can access my subscribers here >
    this is what I have access to on that page:
    My Blogs – Freshly Pressed – Tags – Posts I Like – QuickPress – Subscriptions

    Have you bloggers tried there?
    If so and if you are still not able to view your subscribers list then we Volunteers cannot assist you with this. You will have to contact Staff.



    Yes timethief, as it was working for all this time before lately.

    I use Google Chrome & didn’t have problems with it until the new subscriptions format… I cleared cache and it worked most times, but also still got a blank-loading screen earlier this evening. Probably not fully compatible w/Chrome..

    Thanks all.



    So, I’m guessing it’s safe to say, that if you don’t use Firefox nor do you want to use it, WordPress will probably be a hassle to use. Like some of you for several months now, I have not been unable to access Freshly Pressed, Posts I like, QuickPress, Subscriptions, nor have I been able to add Links to any of my post. I have cleared cache and cookies, went through my plugins to see if they were causing the issue, and have finally spent all other options, other than Firefox. Since I share this computer, I’m unable to add Firefox. Should I leave WordPress altogether?



    I’ve been having the same problem accessing Freshly Pressed and have tried the suggested options of clearing cache and updating Flash. (discussed and closed here).

    This is disappointing as I used to enjoy this feature.

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