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    I followed a friend’s blog a few days ago ( and today, three times now, when I’ve visited it, it’s shown me as not following it. This has happened on other blogs too, recently.

    I’m using a Windows computer with XP, Firefox v.19, Flash is up to date, I’ve cleared the cache (three times), all my add ons are fine – not causing any problems. I use https, and Javascript is up to date.

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s very odd.

    Do you see it listed at!/read/edit/ ?


    No, it’s not there.



    Hm, ok then. Do you have access to Chrome? If so, could you please try logging in to and following the blog, all in an Incognito window?


    I don’t have chrome no. I’ll try downloading it tomorrow (very tired now) and will try it then and will return to the thread. Thanks macmanx.


    Er – tell me in advance, what’s an incognito window?



    It’ll be under the same menu that you open a new window from, which varies depending on your operating system. :)

    An incognito window automatically disables extensions and caches, and flushes cookies when you close it. It’s pretty handy for troubleshooting. If it works, then we definitely know something in the browser is causing trouble.


    Okay, thanks. I’ll see what I can do.


    macmanx – hi – It seems to be working now, here are the steps I took:

    Before trying Chrome I thought I’d try this using Firefox in private browsing mode. So in that, I went to and clicking the ‘Follow’ button in the admin bar gave me the tooltip that I was following and would see posts in my reader, but the ‘Follow’ link didn’t change to ‘Following’. I then went to the Reader’s edit page and this time it did appear. I then logged out of my account and out of private browsing mode. Logged back in, not in p.b.mode and blog still showing on Reader’s edit page, but still not showing as ‘followed’ in admin strip on the blog itself.

    I then closed the browser window and cleared cache/cookies and logged back in – not in pb.mode – and blog still in edit list. Back to her blog and it now shows that I’m following.

    So, I don’t know what happened there. Any ideas?

    Just to be sure, though, I downloaded Chrome and it works in that too, both in normal log in and in p.b.mode (Incognito).

    I’d like your opinion on what could have happened so that I can avoid it in future.

    Ah, and there’s another person with this same issue, on this thread:

    One other thing, which I find a bit odd, on the home page the image in my current post appears in Firefox but not in Chrome. Yet the other pics in other posts are fine. I’ve put a screenshot of the two windows, tiled horizontally, on a page in my blog, here:



    Yep, we found the bug and fixed it last night. Sorry for the trouble! It shouldn’t happen again.


    Okay thanks, I’ll mark this resolved.



    You’re welcome!

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