Suburbia: Cancel Older Post Icon & Make All Posts Appear On Page One

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    The widgets are a mess and that is a seperate issue.

    But FIRST, I would like ALL posts to appear on the first page, WITHOUT an “Older Posts” tag.

    Also, what is the maximum number of columns of posts on the Suburbia Theme.

    Right now it is four. I would prefer five. Thank you !

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there @smartgrowthusa!

    To answer your first question, go to Settings -> Reading. Find the “Blog pages show at most” setting. Try changing the number in the box to 100 or so.

    I’m not so sure about your second question about the post columns. It looks like you have two columns of posts right now. Let me research that some more and I’ll try to get back to you.

    I hope this helps!


    Changing the number to 100 does not work, since it reverts back to 50, which appears to be the maximum.

    Is there some CSS code that could make it 100 or more ?

    I do not need two columns of posts. When I signed up for the suburbia theme, there was a way of changing the number of posts that appear as two columns.

    Now, I cannot find any way to change this.

    Thank you.



    having 50 or so posts on the front page makes your blog load real slow and will cost you visitors and Google ranking – you want your front page to load quick


    The google ratings have been fine, and it loads quickly.

    I prefer to have all 70 of my posts on the front page, similar to newspapers with lots of links to stories on the front page.

    How can I add CSS so that all 70 posts appear on page one ?

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