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    I love the Suburbia theme, but all that misc info at the top of the sidebar makes it a deal killer for me. That’s not the first thing that I want my readers to see at all. I usually put my brief about and social media icons there. I personally feel it works much better when the tags and categories and nav to next post and edit are at the bottom of the post. The date and posted by at the start of the post under the title. And not sure why the shortlink is there.

    Maybe that’s just me…but maybe not!

    Nice theme, but this part of it doesn’t work for me. Just thought I’d “share.”

    The blog I need help with is


    I put just the Search bar and Categories there. Having a deep footer with links, icons is pretty common these days–I’ve seen it a lot.


    @alwayswellwithin: Do you mean the search box and meta information in the sidebar here? You can take that out by removing your sidebar widgets, which are optional with Suburbia.

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