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Suburbia problem with left sidebar

  1. Someone actually posted this exact problem but then reposted that it was fixed but no info on how. Please help!
    I'm using the theme suburbia and it has 3 columns.
    All I have on my left sidebar is a link to the page "About" and I would like to add all the categories there too.
    My categories appears only on my right sidebar and only when I click on a post (is there a way to change this too??)
    How can I make the appear on my left sidebar?
    blog url:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That sidebar is not accessible to us and we cannot install widgets into it. It appears that the theme is not designed to display anything except Pages in that left sidebar area.

  3. Hm... I've seen other Suburbia blogs that actually have content on the left sidebar (like a list). I just can't figure out how to get my list over there.

  4. I have used this theme and I just checked it our again in my test blog. There is no access to that area and the Page titles are displayed automatically there. The sites you have seen must have been WordPress.ORG sites.

  5. I just searched and I found this:

    The left column houses the theme's top menu. If you want your categories in it, you need to create a custom menu. Details here:

  6. Ah - thanks! I fixed it! Just takes some time and patience. Thank you.

  7. Can not work!
    There was a problem Suburbia templates, including demo page.
    When the remedy?

  8. Hi spetru,

    Can you provide some more details about the problem you're running into? What specifically is happening? A link to the site where the problem is happening, and a screenshot would also be helpful.


  9. Thanks for the helping hand offered
    Suburbia theme using a free subdomain provided by
    Here's what happens to my blog: HERE
    This problem exists in demo Suburbia.
    Should look like this topic please see here

  10. A screenshot HERE
    Sorry for double posting

  11. Hi spetru,

    Thanks for the screenshots and the additional information. From your screenshots, it looks like the stylesheets are not loading. The stylesheets are what give the blog its design.

    However, the Suburbia demo site and your blog both look just fine to me. The problem is not occurring on my end.

    So that we can troubleshoot the problem, can you check a few things for me?

    1. First, can you load and tell me if the same problem occurs? I'm trying to establish if this problem occurs with other themes, too.

    2. Can you clear your browser's cache and cookies and then reload your site to see if that fixes it?

    3. Do you have access to another computer? If so, can you view your blog on that computer to see if the problem still occurs?

    4. Are you viewing your site on a school or similar network that might have blocks or restrictions in place? They might be preventing our stylehsheets from loading. Try viewing your site on a computer connected to a different network. For example, a public library, or maybe a friend's house. Does the problem still occur?

    Let me know when you've tried these things, and if the problem still occurs.

  12. Yes it is true. The problem was me.
    I emptied the browser cache and cookies and then everything works normally.
    I checked with another browser and everything works.
    Thanks for the advice.

  13. spetru,

    Glad to hear that it's now working! I'm going to mark this thread as resolved. If you have any other questions, please feel free to create a new topic.

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