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    I like the Suburbia theme. There’s just one major element that I don’t really like, which is have the posted by, categories, tags, shortlink, and navigation displayed at the top of the side bar. I feel that’s where important information like “about” and social media links should be. I would say this is a bit of a deal breaker on this theme from my perspective.

    Is there anyway to elegantly move this below the post?


    The blog I need help with is


    The most elegant way I could find was this:

    .middle {
      position: relative;
    .meta {
      position: absolute;
      bottom: 232px;
      left: 195px;
      width: 550px;
    .single .hentry {
      padding-bottom: 295px;
      border-left: 1px solid #E0E0E0;
      border-right: 1px solid #E0E0E0;
    .post #single {
      border-left: none;

    It does put the info below the comments, but since the comments are a variable height, I don’t see a way around that. Try it out.


    Thank you for the ideas, designsimply!

    I tried this out on a test blog and the first block of information ran into the bottom widgets. I really appreciate your energy on this, but I think you are right. It doesn’t really work below the comments and above the bottom widgets in a sequence like that.

    This is a great theme, but having all that meta on the side is the deal killer for me. It’s not what I would like my readers to see first off. I prefer to have the categories and tags at the end of the post or disappeared altogether; posted by at the beginning with date; and I don’t see so much usefulness in having the shortlink there. Of course navigation to the next post is helpful.somewhere

    Thanks for trying!


    Another option might be to hide that block completely.

    .meta {
      display: none;

    Just an alternate possibility. :)


    Thanks so much. I think that might work much better though there might be one or two important elements missing. I appreciate your input.


    Cheers :)


    I would like to keep the navigation and edit on the right hand sidebar, but want to lose the information and short link. Any suggestions? Thanks!


    That’s actually a bit more tricky to do than it first seems! I’m looking into this to find the best way to do it and I’ll post back with more info. soon.


    All righty. Our awesome theme team developers have added some extra html so we can use new selectors, and this will make styling the change you wanted much easier.

    To hide the “Information” and “Shortlink” sections to the right of posts in Suburbia, give this a try:

    .meta .meta-information, .meta .meta-shortlink {
    display: none;

    Perfect! Thanks so much. Genius at work :)


    Cheers and thanks! :)


    I would love to try this! Is it available for all users or only within the CSS upgrade?


    The Suburbia theme is available to all users for free.

    But in order to customize it on using CSS (such as the example above), you would need to purchase the Custom Design upgrade. You can try out CSS any time before buying by using the Preview link on the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS in your blog dashboard.

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