Suburbia – suddenly changed front page one hour ago

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    Been using suburbia for about two months. I use text only and until now the front page would display the title of the posts and a brief description. About an hour ago, all of the sudden, there is a grey box above the title of each post which when I hover over it display part of the title in huge letters.

    I want the previous behaviour, How can I get it back
    PS: I have not changed any setting

    The blog I need help with is




    We’ve released an update to Suburbia and that’s why you see the grey boxes. The box appears when the post doesn’t have a featured image nor images in the content.

    The reason we updated the theme is that we find the theme is used by majority of users as portfolio sites where they exhibit images and we think the theme look best with having an image that represents each post like you see in here.

    The placeholder (the grey box with the title) is a kind of reminder for users to add an image to each post to get the best look of the theme. It also intends to keep the consistency when some posts have featured images.

    If you don’t want to have the grey boxes nor images, you can hide them with CSS if you have Custom Design upgrade. The code below will hide the grey box as well as featured images.

    .featured-image {
    display: none;


    Thank you! It works perfectly

    I know the theme is more image oriented but I found it also worked very well for what I wanted.




    You’re welcome!

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